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Infrastructure and Public Works

Identify areas for infrastructure improvement and prioritize solutions.

PlanLocal helps identify areas for infrastructure improvement, as well as prioritizing solutions, across streets and spaces. Create a picture of infrastructure needs for a community or neighbourhood by using local intelligence to identify local challenges and prioritize solutions. Various tools are deployed to collect detailed data that is then clearly reported to better inform planning and decision making.

Identify Infrastructure Priorities

Map Issues

Harness local knowledge to identify locations and issues of importance for a community.

Outcomes provide an aggregated view of the areas in most need of attention.

Prioritize Solutions

Involve people in prioritizing infrastructure improvements of greatest importance to them.

The result is a concrete list of publicly supported projects that can be incorporated into future work plans.

PlanLocal in Action
To see how PlanLocal can help identify and prioritize community infrastructure, click on the select project examples below.
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