Ground Rules

How does this process work?

PlanLocal Beautiful Streets and Spaces invites Ward 2 residents to identify locations and suggest improvements to beautify those locations. The most popular locations within each neighbourhood identified by residents will be considered for funding.

Who can participate in PlanLocal Ward 2 Beautiful Streets and Spaces?

All Ward 2 residents can participate regardless of age. Ward 2 Business owners are able to participate as well.

How many submissions can an individual make?

Residents can identify many different locations and associated improvements. A resident cannot identify the same location multiple times.

What locations are eligible for Ward 2 PlanLocal Beautiful Streets and Spaces?

Locations must be in Ward 2. See map here.

Locations must be on City-owned property.

Locations should be on major streets and green spaces. See the PlanLocal Ward 2 Map for major streets and green spaces.

What types of solutions are eligible?

Improvements must be capital projects (infrastructure): These are one-time investments, not solutions that require funds year after year.

Smaller scale: Smaller scale improvements for a specific location, not solutions that address major infrastructure projects or large changes to streets and parks. Examples are provided below.

Within the Beautiful Streets and Spaces theme: Ideas are physical improvements to make public streets and spaces more beautiful. The following list includes some examples of improvements that are eligible:

  • Planters/ greening of medians or bump-outs
  • Benches
  • Garbage/recycling bins
  • Tree planting/ tree base replacement
  • Signage/banners/poster kiosks
  • Solar lighting
  • An item of playground equipment
  • Graffiti removal/prevention
  • Trail/pathway repair
  • Fencing/railing repair