Welcome from Councillor Farr

Jason Farr

Introducing PlanLocal Ward 2 Beautiful Streets and Spaces

Help make your neighbourhood more beautiful

Residents of Ward 2 take pride in their neighbourhoods and I hear a lot about the desire to make our ward an even more beautiful place to live, work and play. I understand this is an important issue for our community. That’s why this year I’m dedicating approximately $1 million of infrastructure spending, divided equally between the 6 neighbourhoods, to making your streets and public spaces more beautiful.

Introducing PlanLocal Ward 2 Beautiful Streets and Spaces!

This process encourages Ward 2 residents to help guide our Ward’s infrastructure spending through citizen supported decision-making. I need you to pinpoint locations in your neighbourhood and tell me what improvements could make them more beautiful. The most popular locations identified by residents will be considered for funding.

Participating is easy:

  1. Identify locations that you want to beautify, such as major streets and City-owned green spaces, like parks and trails.
  2. Propose physical infrastructure improvements for that location, such as trail and pathway repairs, greening of bump outs, graffiti prevention, and solar lighting.

The PlanLocal Ward 2 Beautiful Streets and Spaces process will take place between May 23rd – June 28th, both online and at the following locations throughout Ward 2:

  • Beasley Community Centre
  • Bennetto Community Centre
  • Central Memorial Recreation Centre
  • Hamilton City Hall (2nd Floor, Councillors’ Reception Desk)
  • Hamilton Public Library, Central Branch (1st Floor Service Desk)

PlanLocal Ward 2 Beautiful Streets and Spaces is your opportunity to make direct improvements to your neighbourhood. This is your community, so let me know how you think we can make it better.