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PlanLocal Tools

Learn about Civicplan’s suite of interactive PlanLocal engagement tools.

Virtual Public Information Centre (vPIC)

Give residents the opportunity to learn context and share solutions about policies, plans, and projects in their community.

Use a vPIC to:

  • Empower residents to participate whenever or wherever they are.
  • Make the vPIC process more informative and transparent.
  • Design vPICs to make the engagement more participatory and responsive to community concerns.

Route Mapping

Find out how people actually move around and use their city spaces.

Use Route Mapping data to:

  • Build Active Transportation
  • Plan Neighbourhood Change
  • Make Communities Walkable

Crowd Mapping

Gather targeted feedback and data on a variety of community issues. Use Crowd Mapping to:

  • Build Safer Streets
  • Plan Better Parks
  • Tell a Community Story

Design Lab

This interactive method of building community strategies brings participants into the planning and design process. Use Design Labs to engage the public around:

  • Design Context
  • Design Options
  • Community Solutions

Experience Mapping

Visitors can explore community stories and share their own on an interactive map. Use experience mapping to build a community conversation around:

  • Places
  • Issues
  • Challenges
  • Opportunities
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