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Evelyn's House

Evelyn Dick's house at 32 Carrick Ave. where her baby's body was found in the attic.

Murder Location?

Where the murder of John Dick might have taken place according to testimony.

Torso Location

Where the torso of John Dick was discovered.

Grafton Garage

Willam Landeg's Grafton Garage where Evelyn picked up the 1938 Packard sedan that was used in the murder.

Donald Maclean's House

Donald Maclean's house where the limbs of John Dick were likely disposed of in the basement furnace.

Police Station

The location where Evelyn Dick was interrogated by Detective-Sergeant Clarence Preston.


The Hamilton Courthouse where the trials took place.

Barton Jail

The Barton Jail where Evelyn Dick was held during the trials.

Windsor Hotel

Favourite dining spot of John Dick and location of his last lunch before his murder.

Evelyn's Apartment

Apartment where Evelyn entertained friends.

Connaught Hotel

Location of lavish parties hosted by Evelyn Dick.

Loretto Academy

Evelyn Dick's last school, the prestigious Loretto Academy attended by the daughters of Hamilton's elite.

Weaver Boys Home

Home of the Weaver boys who discovered the torso of John Dick.

Balmoral House Hotel

Favourite bar of Donald Maclean.

John Dick's Apartment

John Dick rented the housekeeper suite before moving in with Evelyn.

HSR Car Barns

John Dick and Donald Maclean's employer - The Hamilton Street Railway.

Mountain General Hospital

Where Evelyn's last child began his short life.

Church of the Ascension

Where Evelyn and John Dick were married on October 4, 1945.

Tivoli Theatre

Where Bill Bohozuk had a date with Evelyn shortly after her marriage.

Leander Boat Club

Bill Bohozuk's popular rowing club.

Bill Bohozuk's Home

The home of Evelyn's boyfriend Bill Bohozuk.

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