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Welcome to Student Safety Zone Survey

In March, the St. Paul CES community participated in a survey about how their kids get to school, reasons for taking these modes, and opportunities to support active travel like walking and biking.

This is what we heard:

  • Regardless of age, all families within 500m walk or bike to school. Families beyond 500m generally drive due to time constraints.
  • The area directly outside of the school (Amberwood St.) is the top safety concern, due to congestion of 50-70 vehicles at arrival/dismissal times.
  • Parents/guardians do not feel that they have good alternatives to dropping off on school property, and so cars converge directly outside of the school.

In April, the Catholic School Council (CSC) discussed the survey results and acknowledged that many parties, including parents/guardians, have a role to play in ensuring that all students are arriving at school safely. To improve student health and safety, we are working with students and families to reimagine the space outside the school as a ‘Student Safety Zone’.

We value your contribution by taking this 5-minute survey and sharing your feedback about how you can play an active role in supporting this vision for your child’s Student Safety Zone.

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