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Community Planning and Design

Propose or evaluate design solutions to build better plans.

PlanLocal enables participation in proposing or evaluating planning and design solutions to create better community strategies. This includes secondary plans, recreation and park master plans, redevelopment concept plans, feasibility studies and strategic plans. Data collected identifies existing strengths and challenges as well as future preferences and priorities about different planning approaches or design concepts. The result is more strongly supported plans and strategies. Various tools are deployed to collect concrete data that is then clearly reported to better inform planning and decision making.

Design Better Planning Solutions

Idea Generation

Collect informed idea generation from a cross section of stakeholders.

Tap a broader knowledge base to create a diversity of planning and design solutions.

Design Evaluation

Enable people to evaluate planning and design solutions by testing preferences and priorities.

The resulting data illustrates the level of consensus on what collection of planning solutions have the broadest support.

PlanLocal in Action
To see how PlanLocal can help you evaluate design and planning solutions, click on the select project examples below.
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