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Voting List Development

855 safe streets solutions were received in the Identify phase of Ward 2 Safe Streets.

How did 855 submissions get narrowed down to 24 locations?

Phase 1: Eligible Submission List

First, all submissions were evaluated based upon the PlanLocal Ground Rules posted on the PlanLocal website.

133 ineligible submissions were removed during this evaluation. These submissions were removed for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • The location was out of the Ward
  • The idea didn’t specify a location
  • The submitter was not a Ward 2 resident or business owner.

722 eligible submissions remained at the end of Phase 1. 

Phase 2:  Preliminary Shortlist

The 722 submissions were then sorted by popularity of the locations to create a shortlist of 50 locations for review by City of Hamilton staff.

The sorting process had two goals:

  • Filter down to the 50 most popular locations
  • Make sure the list included at least the 6-8 most popular locations from each neighbourhood to ensure a better level of neighbourhood balance

The submissions for each location were then reviewed and analyzed to determine what the consensus problem was at that location. For example, a number of people might identify a specific intersection as being unsafe, with each offering a different solution. A list of the 50 locations was constructed, including the consensus problem and the various ways residents had suggested to address the problem.

Phase 3: City Staff Shortlist Review

Councillor Farr, along with City staff, reviewed the preliminary shortlist. Staff reviewed the submissions to advise on locations that were:

  1. Already planned and budgeted for
  2. Conflicted with other city plans and would not be feasible

This process led to the removal of 16 locations from the preliminary shortlist.

Please visit our list of removed locations for more details.

City staff also made recommendations on the types of solutions that would best address the problem residents had identified at that location. They took regulations and safety into account in this process, which led to upgrading of some solutions. For example, a pedestrian crossing on a major arterial road, like Main St., must have a three phase stoplight.

Phase 4: Final Voting List

Following staff review, the shortlist had 34 projects remaining.  In the interest of creating a list of projects that was more manageable for voting and maintained neighbourhood equity, Councillor Farr selected the 4 most popular safe streets solutions from each of the 6 neighbourhoods to make a final voting list of 24 ‘shovel ready’ projects.

A more detailed report will be released following the Voting phase. This report will provide more details on the submission sorting process and the overall results of the process.