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Safe Streets Solutions

These solutions appear on the safe streets voting ballot

Pedestrian Crossover

Pedestrian crossovers are identified by specific signs, pavement markings and lights – they have illuminated overhead lights/warning signs and pedestrian push buttons.

Enhanced All-Way Stop

An enhanced all-way stop sign is an upgrade to an existing intersection with enhanced signage, lighting, and road markings.

Three Phase Traffic Light (Stoplight)

A three phase traffic light (commonly called a stoplight) uses three colours to control the flow of traffic. These lights are required to ensure safe pedestrian crossings on major arterial roads, where a crosswalk or other pedestrian crossing would be insufficient to control traffic.

Corktown Zebra Crossing

Ladder Crossings

Ladder, or Zebra crossings, are enhanced visual markings for crosswalks. They show pedestrians and vehicles specific areas for crossing the street, which helps with traffic calming and pedestrian safety.

Corktown Speed Hump

Speed Humps

Speed humps are a traffic calming measure used to slow vehicular traffic on neighbourhood streets.

Enhancements to Cycling Infrastructure

Enhancements to cycling infrastructure build on existing bike infrastructure. These could involve resurfacing/repaving lanes, “knockdown sticks” to provide some separation between bikes lanes and traffic, “bike boxes” to provide cyclists with better navigation at intersections, or bike sharrows to indicate when a street is meant to be shared with bicycles.

Signage and Lighting

Signage refers to new street signs that help drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians more clearly understand the rules or warnings for this area of the street.  Some examples of these are new one-way street signs or pedestrian crossing signs. Lighting is important for making streets safe at night. Specifically, pedestrian-scaled lighting properly illuminates sidewalks more effectively than vehicular-oriented light meant to illuminate roads.

Speed Table

Speed tables are traffic calming devices that raise the entire wheelbase of a vehicle to reduce its traffic speed. Speed tables are longer than speedhumps and flat-topped.