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IDENTIFY your unsafe street locations and solutions

(April-May 2016)

VOTE for your top safe street solutions

(June 2016)

BUILD safer streets in Ward 2



There are two steps to the Identify phase of PlanLocal Safe Streets.

  1. Identify Locations and Solutions: April 26 – May 16

The first step is your opportunity to tell us how to make Ward 2 streets safer.  Over a two-week period, you will be able to identify unsafe street locations and propose solutions to improve each location. For instance, you might identify an intersection in your neighbourhood as a problem area and recommend a pedestrian-activated crosswalk as a solution.

For examples of common types of solutions that can be included, see the Safe Streets Solutions page.

Councillor Farr will be hosting a PlanLocal launch event on April 26th from 7-9:30 PM at 294 James Street North.  This event will be a great opportunity for you to learn about the process, identify unsafe locations in your neighbourhood, and meet other members of your community.

The PlanLocal process is available to all Ward 2 residents and businesses.  You can submit your suggestions online or in person at locations around the ward.  Locations will be announced soon.

  1. Shortlist Development

The second step of the identification phase is to develop a project list for voting. This list will reflect the most popular locations and associated solutions identified by residents. It will be developed in consultation with City Staff and will take into account a number of factors, such as ensuring:

  • That the proposals follow the PlanLocal Safe Streets ground rules (e.g. on public property).
  • There is no conflict with existing City plans.
  • That the proposals are not duplicating existing planned projects.
  • That the proposals are feasible within time and budget constraints.
  • That the shortlist will reflect equal representation from all six Ward 2 neighbourhoods.

The shortlist of eligible locations and solutions will be put forward for voting.


This phase is your opportunity to vote on the PlanLocal Safe Streets voting list.  Between June 20 to 30, 2016, Ward 2 residents will choose their top projects from the list.

You will be able to vote online or in person at locations around the ward. Locations will be announced soon.


The results of the PlanLocal Safe Streets vote will be reported to Councillor Farr in July 2016 and then announced to the public in late August or early September. The Councillor will submit the successful solutions to City Council for approval, after which they will be implemented by City staff beginning in the 2017 budget year.