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Ground Rules

North End Houses and BuildingsHow does this process work?

PlanLocal Safe Streets invites Ward 2 residents and business owners to identify unsafe street locations and suggest solutions to improve the safety at those locations.

Who can participate in PlanLocal Safe Streets?

All Ward 2 residents and business owners can participate.

How many submissions can an individual make?

Residents and business owners can identify many different unsafe street locations and associated solutions, but not the same location multiple times.

What locations are eligible for PlanLocal Safe Streets?

Locations must be in Ward 2. See map here.

Locations must be on public property:

  • Streets, sidewalks, public bike paths and pathways.
    • Eligible Project Examples: Sidewalk bumpouts or a pedestrian-activated light on a roadway.
    • Ineligible Project Examples: A grocery store parking lot or private driveway.

What types of solutions are eligible?

Solutions for unsafe locations must be:Lighting and Cycling on Ferguson

  • Capital Projects (Infrastructure): These are one-time investments, not solutions that require funds year after year.
    • Eligible Project Example: Improved lighting along a pathway or installing a sidewalk bumpout.
    • Ineligible Project Example: Increased police patrols or changing the speed limit.
  • Smaller scale: Smaller scale solutions for a specific location, not solutions that address major infrastructure projects or large changes to the transportation network.
    • Eligible Project Example: A crosswalk on John St. North or speed bump on Hess St. South.
    • Ineligible Project Example: A pedestrian bridge or a new protected bike network.
  • Within the Safe Streets theme: For examples of the types of solutions, click here.