PlanLocal - Civicplan

Welcome from Councillor Farr

Jason FarrI hear a lot about the importance of safe streets from the residents of Ward 2. I understand this is an important issue for our community. That’s why this year I am dedicating $1 million to making your streets safer!

For this initiative to be a real success, I need your help.  This is your community and these are your streets; no one knows them better than you.

Introducing PlanLocal Ward 2 Safe Streets!  This process encourages Ward 2 residents to help guide our Ward’s infrastructure spending through citizen supported decision-making. I need you to pinpoint the hot spot locations in your neighbourhood, and to tell me what safe streets solutions could make them safer.

What kind of solutions can you submit?  They should be physical improvements to our streets, sidewalks, and paths.  I’m looking for recommendations for specific locations, like new pedestrian crossings, lighting, speed bumps, and enhancements to existing cycling infrastructure.

The PlanLocal Ward 2 Safe Streets process is your opportunity to make direct improvements to the streets you walk every day.  This is your community, so let me know how you think we can make it better!

The PlanLocal Safe Streets process will take place in three phases during the coming months starting with a Kick-Off Event on April 26th at 294 James St. N. from 7-9:30pm. Voting takes place June 20th – 30th.