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Corktown BuildingThe safety of Ward 2 streets is a crucial issue. Local residents are well aware of the locations that need improvements, as well as what solutions could make these spaces safer for everyone.

In order to address the concerns around safe streets, the PlanLocal Safe Streets process was initiated by Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr. He is asking residents to help identify where to invest $1 million in infrastructure funding to make neighbourhood streets safer. To learn more about infrastructure funding, please click visit Area Rating Special Capital Re-Investment Reserve.

The PlanLocal Safe Streets process encourages residents to help guide Ward 2 infrastructure spending through citizen supported decision-making, involving three phases:

  1. Identify unsafe street locations and propose solutions
  2. Vote for your top safe street solutions
  3. Build safer streets in Ward 2

Who is Involved:

Ward 2 Residents – All Ward 2 residents can participate in PlanLocal Safe Streets.

Ward 2 Councillor, Jason Farr initiated PlanLocal Safe Streets in Ward 2.  He oversees and directs the process, with the support of the Advisory Committee and Civicplan.

The Advisory Committee is comprised of a representative from each of the six neighbourhoods of Ward 2. The Committee assists with outreach to the residents of the Ward.

Civicplan coordinates the PlanLocal Safe Streets public engagement campaign process.